Who controls the past, controls the future:

who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell 1984

The Teutonic Knights,

are on a crusade to restore

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem;

the center of a fascist world government.

Russia and the Eastern Orthodox Church

stand against the crusade.


The map identifying the location of

President Bush on the afternoon of 9/11

at Offut Air Force Base,

was broadcast at approximately 1:13 into

ABC's News segment beginning at 3:28 pm on 9/11

The emblem identifying Offut Air Force Base

is a blue and silver Iron Cross.

The Iron Cross

is a cross symbol

typically in black with a white or silver outline

that originated after 1219

when the Kingdom of Jerusalem

granted the Teutonic Order the right

to combine the Teutonic Black Cross

placed above a silver Cross of Jerusalem. source

Combining the Teutonic Iron Cross

with the silver Cross of Jerusalem,

placed the Kingdom of Jerusalem

under the direct protection

of the Teutonic Knights;

a sovereign military order,

answering to the Pope.


Hermann von Salza served

as the fourth Grand Master

of the Teutonic Knights (1209 to 1239)

In 1525, the Teutonic Knight's Grand Master,

of the theocratic state of Prussia,

Albert of Brandenburg,

resigned and converted to Lutheranism;

becoming Duke of Prussia as a vassal of Poland.

The Teutonic Knights who remained in Prussia

became the Junker class - land owning aristocracy.

Knights remaining loyal to the Pope

settled in the southern catholic German states.

In 1862, King Wilhelm I appointed Otto von Bismarck

as Minister President of Prussia.


Otto von Bismarck

Through war with Denmark and Austria

Bismarck united the northern German states

into the Northern German Confederation.

Bismarck then provoked France into declaring war

on the Confederation.

The southern, catholic German States,

aligned with the protestant, Northern Confederation,

and defeated France.

Bismarck succeeded in his ambition

to unite the German speaking states,

excluding Austria,

and founding

the German Empire.

In doing so he also united

the protestant northern, Teutonic Knights/Junkers,

with the southern, catholic Teutonic Knights.

Hence the reintroduction of the Iron Cross,

as a military decoration in 1871,

to signify the reunion of the Teutonic Knights

and the establishment

of the German Empire.

With the loss of World War I

the Iron Cross was replaced

by the bar across.

Hitler revived the Iron Cross,

with a Swastika added in the centre.


American industry, as documented,

was well established in Germany,

producing vehicles, steel and chemicals

for many years.

Henry Ford received the Grand Cross

of the German Eagle

from Nazi officials in 1938.



American industries produced

trucks, tanks and airplanes

in Germany for Hitler

and in America for America and the allies.

As corporate policy, this arrangement

of supporting both sides

is similar to the policy of supporting

both political parties in elections. source

Eisenhower and Patton were both early proponents

of the expanded use of tanks in warfare.

Working together after the First World War

they designed and tested fast mobile tanks.

Unfortunately the army was not happy,

preferring slow tanks

which remained with the infantry.

Both Eisenhower and Patton were threatened

with court martial if they continued

or published their material. source

The military industrial complex,

operating in the Third Reich,

produced Eisenhower and Patton's

light fast attack tanks;

which led Hitler's Blitzkrieg

against Poland, and the

Western and Eastern fronts

so successfully.


Eisenhower is standing through the sunroof

of a new Mercedes in his 1952

election victory motorcade.

In 1956, the Iron Cross

resumed its German military usage,

as it became the symbol of the Bundeswehr,

the modern German armed forces.

The traditional design is black

and this design is used

on armored vehicles and aircraft.


A newer design in blue and silver is used

as the emblem in other contexts. source

other contexts?

When the Iron Cross is represented

with a white or silver outline

it represents the crusader state,

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

In August 2001 (before the 9/11 terrorist attack)

The Philadelphia Trumpet, a Protestant magazine,

published article, The Last Crusade with opening lines

'Most people think the crusades for Jerusalem

are a thing of the past—over forever.

They are wrong.

Preparations are being made for a final crusade,

and it will be the bloodiest of all!' source

The word "crusade"

was used by US President George W. Bush

first on the day of

the September 11, 2001 attacks,

quoted below,

and on the national day of mourning

which honored the death

of the more than

3,000 victims of the attacks.

He said that "this crusade,

this war on terrorism

is going to take a while." source

The Teutonic Knights are leading the crusade

to re-establish the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,

as evidenced by the blue and silver Iron Cross

signifying the location

of President Bush at Offut Air Force Base;

home of Strategic Command

and the Doomsday Bombers.

False flags have been used to inflame citizens

to participate in wars of aggression

for millennia.

Operation Himmler was a false flag

directed at Poland by Germany as propaganda

and an excuse to invade Poland.

Britain and France used the incident

to declare war on Germany,

initiating World War II.

The 9/11 false flag terrorist attack evidenced in network

'live' feeds the day of 9/11.

Plans for the Fourth Reich began,

as documented in the Red House Report,

in July 1944 when the collapse

of the Third Reich was imminent.

The plan was to move liquid assets from Germany,

to avoid seizure by the victors,

and capital equipment back to Germany,

before surrendering;

in preparation for Germany's rebuilding,

after the war ended.

The Fourth Reich was to be an economic,

rather than a military empire.

Germany's position as the economic

powerhouse of the EU,

which itself is a German initiative,

is evidence of the success of the

Fourth Reich as an economic empire.

The EU, since the Maastricht treaty,

has been steered into becoming

what Angela Merkel herself defined as

Bundesrepublik Europa —

the Federal Republic of Europe. source

The military industrial complex,

of the Fourth Reich,

was situated in America

with the election of Eisenhower;

as evidenced by his victory motorcade.

American administrations began

overthrowing democratically elected governments,

Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954,

establishing fascist regimes.

This was the beginning of more than 60 years

of aggression by the military industrial complex,

lead by America, to either install dictators

or support dictators facing popular uprisings.

When the government of East Germany

erected the 'Berlin Wall' it was named,

'The Anti Fascist Protective Rampart.'

Not the 'Anti Capitalist Protective Rampart'.

Russia defeated Hitler at the expense

of more than 25 million lives.

Unfortunately, as we have seen,

fascism was more than Hitler.

The administration of President Bush,

under the Teutonic Knights,

killed more than 3,000 American citizens

in the false flag 9/11 terrorist attack,

to provoke the War on Terror.

In doing so, openly bringing fascism to America

and initiating wars to bring about

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.