My response to our veterans campaign.


Stephen Harper would rather give our tax dollars to international bankers than to use our tax dollars to suport our veterans.

If real people with real physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tramas were not the issue, the irony would be laughable.

Canadian Forces are engaged in illegal wars of economic conquest begun under known false pretences. The wars enrich the bankers; yet the men and women of Canadian Forces which engage in lethal combat on behalf of the international bankers, find that their tax dollars are directed to paying compounding interest to the bankers - veterans being left cup in hand on our streets.

No this irony is not funny.

Beginning January 2, 1970 when the Bank of Canada joined the Bank for International Settlements, all governments whether Liberal, Conservative or minority have chosen to use our tax dollars to pay interest to private international bankers rather than using our publicly owned central bank, the Bank of Canada, to supply financing to our governments at zero interest - as had been the case for the previous thirty years.

Where do you want your tax dollars to go?

Interest payments to private international bankers or to our veterans?

Make the interest payments to private international bankers vs. using that money for our social programs the number one issue in the present election campaign.

Ask your candidate of choice where they stand on the issue.

Do we want our tax dollars going to the international banking cartel or do we want our taxes used for the benefit of the people of Canada?

We have the choice.

researched and written by, Guy Hawkins,