Mr President,

We have a few questions for you arising from your discussion with Sean Hannity at the recent rally in Las Vegas.

Hannity asks when the FISC report will be declassified. You mention that two close allies are involved so there is a problem at present with declassifying the report. The report makes it clear that foreign agents illegally surveilled American citizens.

The video clip below may help you to remember exactly what transpired.

It is public knowledge that the security services of the UK illegally surveilled American citizens as the video clip below describes. Was Canada the second country?

Judge Napolitano mentions Canada in his description of the event giving rise to our concern.

Canadians want to know if our government or security services are involved in the illegal surveillance of American citizens.

Secondly, why, Mr. President, are you not taking action? Why are you concealing the illegal activities of foreign state actors in regards to influencing the presidential election?

There is no evidence of Russian interference - however there is evidence that the UK and at least one other 'ally' intended to interfere with the election and subsequently with your Presidency.

Thirdly, we would like our ratified Peace with Japan Treaty of 1951 returned to our government to be either re-ratified or abrogated.

Don't know why the Peace with Japan Treaty is important to our national interest?

That's understandable - neither do most Canadians. Check it out.

We are looking forward to hearing from you in regard to our concerns.

loving-kindness Mr. President,

guy hawkins