Minister of Finance

Her Majesty’s Parliament of Canada:


Whereas I am a citizen of Canada, a country deemed to be governed by the popular will, I am under no obligation to pay taxes to a fraudulent parliament. Her Majesty’s Parliament of Canada entered into a conspiracy with other unnamed states on or before September 11, 2001 to deceive the people of Canada as to the true perpetrators of the events of that day. This deception constitutes fraud on the part of Her Majesty’s Parliament of Canada.


All taxes paid by me, subsequent to the September 11, 2001 attack on America, as was directed to the security apparatus of Canada, to a maximum of $2000.00, are to be returned.  Further I request that you remit that portion of my taxes, which would have been directed to the security apparatus of Canada, to myself, at my mailing address paid annually on the first day of the new tax year.


Please settle this invoice within 30 days to avoid interest charges equivalent to CIBC Visa account charges.


My Loving Kindness to you

Guy Hawkins

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mailing address:


guy hawkins

garden of eden

lund bc

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